Don't Make It Weird

The One With Shannon Bright

January 02, 2022 Dinasaurus & Daniel Quigley / Shannon Bright Season 1 Episode 37
Don't Make It Weird
The One With Shannon Bright
Show Notes

In this first ever 2022 episode of Don’t Make It Weird, we’re joined in the studio by fantasy romance author Shannon Bright! We talk about our New Years Resolutions! We play a game of Real or Fake: Hallmark Holiday Movie Edition! We get to hear all about tales from the body shop in Storytime with Shannon! We interview her about being on sub with her novel Every Wish Way, and she reads us an excerpt from another work in progress! And of course, we asked her to read a bad sex scene for Cringey Copulation! #Bookish #BookTube #WritingCommunity

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