Don't Make It Weird

The One Where Dina Escapes A Cult

November 14, 2021 Dinasaurus & Daniel Quigley Season 1 Episode 30
Don't Make It Weird
The One Where Dina Escapes A Cult
Show Notes

In this highly-anticipated episode of Don't Make It Weird, Dina finally tells us about her time in a religious cult and how she finally got out.  #exIFB #CultSurvivor

Trigger warning: in this episode we will be discussing acts of violence that are emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual in nature. There will be elements of mental abuse and coercion featured heavily. Please be good to yourself and if it is too much, please don’t continue. For resources please reach out to the podcast on Twitter or see our resources below.

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Steven Hassan’s BITE Model of Authoritarian Control:

Dare to Doubt | Leaving and Recovering from Cults:

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