Don't Make It Weird

The One With The Pepper Cocaine

October 03, 2021 Dinasaurus & Daniel Quigley Season 1 Episode 24
Don't Make It Weird
The One With The Pepper Cocaine
Show Notes

In this episode of Don't Make It Weird, We play a round of Weird Titles! Daniel and Dina have a discussion about the predatory nature of Vanity Presses! Dina finally tells us the tale of the Pepper Cocaine in Storytime! Daniel continues his journey into Jar Jar Binks erotic fan fiction in Cringey Copulation! And we discuss your #WeirdTakes! #WritingCommunity #BookTube #Bookish

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0:00 Intro
5:55 Check Our Voicemail
13:02 Weird Titles (Game)
28:06 Vanity Press (Discussion)
40:18 Storytime with Dinasaurus: Pepper Cocaine
46:55 Choose Your Adventure
48:09 Cringey Copulation
52:18 #WeirdTakes
1:00:18 Outro


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