Don't Make It Weird

The One Where Dina Destroys Daniel

August 28, 2021 Dinasaurus & Daniel Quigley Season 1 Episode 19
Don't Make It Weird
The One Where Dina Destroys Daniel
Show Notes

In this episode of Don't Make It Weird, we play a round of Never Have I Ever! Daniel and Dina face-off in the first ever Weird Debate segment! Dina tells us about the that time she had someone Baker-acted in Storytime with Dinasaurus! Daniel reads some Jar Jar Binks erotic fan fiction in Cringey Copulation! And we discuss your #WeirdTakes! #WritingCommunity #BookTube #Bookish

A VERY special thanks to our live studio audience members / debate segment judges this week! Raine, Kenzie, Liz, Kelly and Jon! 

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